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Identification :- When we find चूका होगा , चुकी होगी , चुके होंगे at the end of any Hindi sentence we can call it Future Perfect Tense.


Future Perfect Tense shows a completed action at a point of time in future.

[ यह काल ऐसे कार्य को बताता है जो भविष्य में किसी समय पर पूरा हो चूका हो | ]

For Example :- 

She will be fallen asleep by now.

[ वह अब तक सो चुकी होगी | ]


First person के साथ shall का use होता है |

Second or Third Person के साथ will का use होता है |

First personI , My , Me , We , Our , us
Second PersonYou , Your , You
Third PersonHe , She , It , and Other Name Like as Ram , Mohan etc.

Positive Sentence :- S + will/shall + have + v3 + o.

Example :- He will have reached.

Negative sentence :-  S + will/shall + have + v3 + o.

Example :- He will not have reached.

Interrogative Sentence :- will/shall + s + have + v3 + o?

Example :- Will he have reached?

Interrogative + Negative sentence :- will/shall + s + not + have + v3 + o?

Example :- Will he not have reached?

Note : All Question words are used before helping verb and subject but who Question word is used as a subject in Interrogative or (Interrogative + negative sentence).

Ex :- Who will have reached?

Example of Question Words.


अब तक उसने क्या खाया होगा ?What will he have eaten by now?
चीफ को किसकी प्रतिभा ने प्रभावित किया होगा ?Whose talent will have impressed the chief?
समिति ने किसको चुना होगा ?Whom will the committee have selected?
वे किस कमरे में रुके होंगे ?Which room will they have stayed in?
उसने अपनी ही बहन को धोखा क्यों दिया होगा ?Why will he have cheated her own sister?
कारवा कहा रुका होगा ?Where will the caravan have halted ?
महेमान कब पहुंचे होंगे ?When will the guests have arrived ?
उन्होंने रात कैसे बिताई होगी ?How will the gusts have arrived ?
प्रथम पुरस्कार किसने जीता होगा ?Who will have won the first prize ?

Example with words :-  before/by tomorrow/by Monday/by march/by 2025/by 7am/by that time/by this time next week; month; year/ etc.

2050 तक यह दुनिया बिलकुल बदल चुकी होगी |By 2050 the world will have changed completely.
अगले महीने की दस तारीख तक हमारा कोर्स सफलतापूरक समापत्त हो गया होगा |By the tenth  of the next month Our course will have completed successfully.
नो बजे से पहले ही पार्टी समापत्त हो गई होगी |The party will have been over before nine.
सोमवार की शाम तक में आपका कैमरा वापस कर चूका हूगा |I will have returned your camera by Monday evening.
इस किताब का अंतिम अध्याय बच्चा है | आज शाम तक मै इसे पढ़ चूका होगा |The last chapter of this book is left. I will have read it by this evening.
उस समय तक हवाई जहाज उड़ान भर चूका होगा |The plane will have got ready to run out before the bell time.
क्या तुम समझते हो कि इस साल के अंत तक कोरोना का टीका तैयार हो चुका होगा ?Do you think the vaccine of corona will have been developed by the end of this year?
अगले महीने की सात तारीख तक उनकी शादी को पुरे तिस साल हो चुके होंगे |They will have been married for complete thirty year by the seventh of the next month.
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