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Future Tenses :-

  • Future Indefinite 
  • Future continuous
  • Future perfect
  • Future perfect continuous


+ve :- He will go.

-ve : He will not go.

will not = won’t/shall not = shan’t 

+? : will he go?

-? : will he not go?

( won’t he go?)

First person के साथ shall have been का use होता है |

Second or Third Person के साथ will have been का use होता है |

First personI , My , Me , We , Our , us
Second PersonYou , Your , You
Third PersonHe , She , It , and Other Name Like as Ram , Mohan etc.

1. Interrogative sentence  (?)  I/We   (shall)

  • How will you solve this problem?   Question 
  • I will not help him at any cost, shall i?  Question Tag
  • Shall I carry this bag for you?   Offer
  • If you are free this evening, shall we dine out?   Invitation 
  • Shall we start the journey now?  suggestion 

2. Command/Threat/promise: He/You/she/They/SN/PN  (shall)

  • All the soldiers shall assemble at 4 pm ?  Command
  • You Shall be punished if you get late ? Threat
  • You Shall have a holiday tomorrow ? Promise

3. Future Tenses All subject (will)

  • Will you open the window ? Request
  • I will improve my handwriting ? Determination 
  • Will you have some juice? Offer
  • Will you come to market with us? Invitation 
  • She will keep dreaming about him all day? Habit
  • It will be your lawyer who is phoning, I thing. Assumption 
  • I am sure she will cheat you some day. certainty 
  • Unless you invite him personally, he won’t come. Condition 
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