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Identification :– When we find से रहा था , से रहे थे , से रही थी  at the end of any hindi sentence we can call it past perfect continuous tense.


Past Perfect Continuous Tense shows an action that was continous in the past for a period of time.

[यह काल ऐसे कार्य को बताता है जो भूतकाल में किसी समय से किसी अन्य समय तक जारी रहे | ]

Example :- 

I had been saving money for a year.

मै एक साल से पैसे जमा कर रहा था |



Positive sentence :-  S + had + been + v1+ing + since /for+ o.

Example :- He had been sleeping for two hours.

Negative sentence :-  S + had + not + been + v1+ing + since /for+ o.

Example :- He had not been sleeping for two hours.

Interrogative sentence :- Had + s + been + v1+ing + since /for+ o?

Example :- Had  he been sleeping since two day?

Interrogative + Negative sentence :- Had + s + not + been + v1+ing + since /for+ o?

Example :- Had  he not been sleeping since two day?

Note : All Quesstion words are used before helping verb and subject but who Quesstion word is used as a subject in Interrogative or (Interrogative + Negative sentence).

Example Sentence
आज सुबह बाहर जमीन गीली थी | रातभर से बूंदा बांदी हो रही थी |
The ground was wet outside. It had been drizzling all night.
जब मेने दरवाजा खटखटाया वह डर गई | वह एक डरावनी फिल्म देख रही थी |
She was scared when I knocked at the door. She had been watching a horror film.
आज वह इस कार्य में सफल है क्योकी इसे करने का सपना वह बचपन से ले रहा था |
Today he is successful in this work, for he had been dreamming since childhood.
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