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Identification :- When we find चूका था , चुके थे , चुकी थी  at the end of any Hindi sentence we can call it Past perfect tense 


In the other word :- Past perfect Tense shows an action that happened in the past before another action.

[यह काल ऐसे कार्य को बताता है जो भूतकाल में किसी अन्य कार्य कार्य से पहले हो जाये | ]

For Example:-  

Hindi :- कल रात को जब मै घर पहुंचा , सब खाना खा चूका थे | 

English : – When I reached home last night, everybody had taken dinner.



Simple sentence :- S + Had + v3 +o.

 He had woken up before sunrise.

Negative Sentence :- S + had + not + v3 + o.

He had not woken up before sunrise.

interrogative sentence:- Had + s + v3?

Had he woken up before sunrise?

interrogative + Negative sentence:- Had + s + not + v3 + o?

Had he not woken up before sunrise?


Wh Family / Question Words

What/ whose/ Whom/ Which/ Why / Where/ When / How/ Who

Note : All Question words are used before helping verb and subject but who Question word is used as a subject in Interrogative or (Interrogative + negative sentence).


Combination 1
Past Perfect
+ When
by the time
+ Past Simple
सूरज उगने से पहले ही सारे फूल मूरझा चुके थे |
All the flowers had wilted before the sun rose.

जब सूरज ऊगा सरे फूल मुरझा चुके थे |
When the sun rose, all flowers had wilted.

जिस समय तक हमे टिकट मिली रेलगाड़ी जा चुकी थी |
By The Time we got the tickets, the train had left.
Combination 2
past simple
+ after
+ past perfect
सूरज उगने के बाद सरे फूल मुरझाऐ |
All the flower wilted after the sun had risen.

उस लड़की से हाथ मिलाते हुए मुझे ऐसा लगा की उससे पहले भी कही मिल चका था |
Shaking hands with that girl I realized that i had met her somewhere before.

गोलू ने सुबह वह फाड दिया जो उसने रात को अपनी प्रेमिका को लिखा था |
Golu tear the letter at dawn, Which he had written to his beloved at night.
Use of Since and for in past perfect ( past of past )
जब उनकी सादी हुई वे एक दूसरे को बचपन से जानते थे |
When they got married they had known each other since childhood.

यह लिफ्ट पिछले दो दिन से खराब थी |
This lift had been out of order for the last two months.
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