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Q:- What is verb ?
Ans :-  A verb is word that shows action, being, possession of a subject.

Functions of verbs

Ritu Plays (Action) chess.

s         v


Ritu is (Being) a doctor.

  s      v


Ritu has (possession) a car

s        v

Intransitive Or Transitive

The hero died (Intransitive)

s                  v

the villain
 ❌ yesterday suddenly of cencer Adverb

The hero killed ( Transitive)
s                   v

 the villain


Transitive has  passive

The hero died  yesterday.                  Intransitive 

s                v           Adv

Yesterday was died by hero.          passive  ❌

Adv                     v                    o

The hero Killed  villain.                  Transitive 

s                v           o

The villain was killed by hero.          passive  ✔

s                      v                    o

Intransitive + prep  = Transitive

The police are  looking into the matter.

Rahul is laughing at his  friends.

Ritu is thinking  about her future.

Same verb as
Intransitive Transitive
  • The fire is burning.
  • The kite is flying.
  • The table has broken.
  • The door has closed.
  • The traffic has stopped.
  • He walks daily.
  • She baths.
  • The ship has sunk.
  • She has changed.
  • I am running.
  • He is burning fire.
  • He is flying the kite.
  • She has broken the table.
  • Seema has closed the door.
  • The have stopped the traffic.
  • He walks his dog daily.
  • She baths her baby.
  • They have sunk the ship.
  • He has changed his house.
  • I am running This shop.
Point to Remember
Intransitive Transitive
  • An Intransitive Verb does not take any object after it.
  • An Intransitive Verb has no passive voice.
  • Some Intransitive Verbs can be used transitively if there is a preposition + Noun/Pronoun after it.

  • A Transitive Verb takes an object after it.
  • A Transitive Verb has a passive voice.
  • A Transitive verb takes direct object after it which is always a noun or a pronoun.
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